Consumerization of Mobile

The consumer will buy their own devices as the competition in the mobile device space increases. This will drive down the cost of mobile devices fast. Huawei announced their Aspire model, ZTE was handing out tablets, TCL Alcatelonetouch was aggressively customizing smartphones for operators, Nokia announced their new phones, Samsung was omnipresent, Lenovo is just getting ready to enter the market and Blackberry is working on its own strategy… and these are just the big names.

With the cost of mobile smartphones dropping, the adoption of smartphones is going to be much faster than forecasted. Android is the dominant OS for smartphones. Blackberry and Nokia are trying to re-invent themselves. Sony, who bought out Ericsson from the joint venture (funny how it went from Ericsson phones to SonyEricsson JV to now Sony) was irrelevant.

The last interesting observation is that the devices are predominantly from Asian brands, with the software still from the North America. The intelligence is in the software though.